How to style your home to maximise profits

Put your best foot forward

The old saying ‘you never have a second chance to make a first impression’ is as true for houses as it is for people. First impressions are everything in real estate; the right styling and presentation can do wonders to lift a property’s appeal and with a little attention to detail and some TLC, you can maximise profits for your home.

Styling increases the level of interest in a property, attracting serious buyers and helping it sell more easily, often at a higher price—strategic styling is the best way to showcase to buyers how the space might work for them. For most people, buying a home is an emotional decision; buyers will often compromise on some of their requirements because they have fallen in love with the overall look and feel of a house.

There are a number of home styling or staging companies out there that will come to your home and do this for you (for a fee). At Best Value Real Estate, we are committed to delivering the best value, without the price tag, so we offer home styling advice to all our clients as part of our high-quality customer service. To help you get the most out of your property, we have shared our top six tips below.

1. De-clutter

​ It’s important to think simple and streamlined—you want potential buyers to walk into your house and be able to picture themselves living there. Simplifying and de-personalising your space makes a world of difference. Remove those old trophies, family photos and stacks of mail or bills on the fridge, and give your buyers a blank canvas to work with.

2. Maximise your online appeal

Potential buyers will view your property online before deciding to come and inspect it in person. It’s important to have professional photographs to showcase your home to its fullest. Focus on key rooms (such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room) that will be photographed for your listing and ensure they are clean, free of clutter, and minimally but tastefully decorated. For the kitchen, consider a coffee machine, a small bowl of fresh fruit, and a well-placed cookbook.

3. Consider colour

Freshen up your space with a coat of neutral paint, allowing you to add touches of colour through art, cushions or vases. Colour is strongly linked to emotion, so consider what feeling you want buyers to associate with the space; for example, soft blues and greys create a feeling of relaxation so are great for bedrooms, while brighter yellows and oranges really liven up communal areas.   

4. Freshen with flowers

Greenery or flowers adds freshness to a space and makes a big impact on how well your house comes across in photographs. We often advise our clients to use indoor plants when decorating, because it helps link your rooms with your garden or outdoor space and enhance the homes appeal.

Consider fresh flowers or indoor plants to present your property in the best light

5. Nail your open house

Your open house is the moment to make your home shine—it’s when you aim to gain the maximum price in the shortest time period. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward with a well maintained, clean, inviting home. On top of the steps above, open all windows at least an hour before to ensure the house doesn’t smell stuffy, burn a candle with a subtle, inoffensive scent, and play neutral music very softly in the background (keeping in mind that everyone has different tastes).

6. Keep on your toes

Although your open house might be scheduled for the weekend, you can expect interested buyers to drive or walk by to assess the street appeal as soon as your property hits the market. Make sure front gardens and lawns are well maintained, and keep your letterbox free of junk mail and newspapers. Avoid having your rubbish out on the kerb waiting for collection, and park cars in garages or carports if possible.

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How to style your home to maximise profits