The Best Value formula

Low fees plus great service equals ‘Best Value’

How do we deliver best value for all customers?

Best value means delivering outstanding results, at a fraction of the cost.

The average agent commission fee across Australia sits at around 2–2.5 per cent, but we think that’s too high. Selling your home should be a rewarding journey, that’s why we offer to beat the fees of any genuine competitors in the Western Sydney market. Just ask us how

Time after time, we have proven that we can deliver the best results at a fraction of the cost of other agencies. This frees up more money for you to put towards the things that make you and your loved ones happy. And that makes us happy.

What about “no commission” offers from other agencies?

There are some agencies that offer no commission sales arrangements. This may seem attractive at first, but considering a home is your biggest financial asset, we think it’s important to ensure you get high-quality customer service from your chosen agent.

You want an agent who will dedicate the time to achieving the best result for you, who understands your property goals, and who will provide personalised advice and attention, not just tick a box.

What’s more, selling a home often requires complex negotiations—you want to be confident that your agent has the industry know-how and the skills to deliver the best result.

Our industry-lowest commission fee allows our agents to provide the very best service—starting by discussing your goals, identifying strategies for adding value to your home, and implementing a tailored marketing strategy for your home. Our team have the knowledge, negotiation skills and deep buyer connections to achieve the maximum price for your property.

Greater Western Sydney is our home and we are embedded in the local community—this means our agents stay abreast of any new developments and are on the pulse of updates to local infrastructure or amenities. Our local connections means we have an extensive buyer database, and an in-depth understanding of the market to ensure we get the best deal for our clients, every time.

What should I look for in an agent?

With so many choices out there, it can be difficult selecting the agent that is right for you and your home. Here are a few key things to look out for in a potential agent to ensure you get the best fit.


The real estate market is time sensitive, so good communication is key to being a good agent. No matter how small a detail, it’s important for your agent to stay in constant contact to pass on all the relevant information as soon as it comes in. A crucial part of being good communicator is listening—a good agent will listen to you and ask questions to ensure they understand your needs and goals before diving in.


A good agent always puts your needs first—after all, if you get a good deal, so does the agent. Top agents always prioritise their clients needs—buying and selling houses can be stressful, so your agent should support you and ensure the process is streamlined and fuss-free.


A good agent knows how to read their client. Do you prefer to communicate via email, text message, or phone call? How about frequency—do you like a daily check-in, or a weekly wrap-up? A good agent will pick these cues up and adapt their approach accordingly. Nobody wants to feel either ignored or pressured by the frequency of communication.


A good agent can provide evidence of their results, and is comfortable using past clients as references. They should be able to willingly point you to their sales statistics and customer testimonials so you can assess whether you want to proceed.

At Best Value Real Estate, our agents pride themselves on delivering the best results alongside the highest level of customer service. Read our customer testimonials here.


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The Best Value formula